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Pin holes in clear coat

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  • Pin holes in clear coat


    Was wondering if anyone can identify what's going on with the paint on my Skoda.

    Just bought the car second hand a few weeks ago and have finally got time this weekend to do a proper detail and machine polish. Was going to follow with Gyeon can coat.

    So far I've done a wash with apc, clay bar, and was going to do a machine polish with Lake Country medium pad and Menzerna 2400. I did a test section on the bonnet tonight - just a single pass and I noticed these tiny pinholes in the paint (see photos). Is this solvent pop? If so, anything I can do to improve it? Or, anything I should avoid doing to make it worse? Should I just avoid using anything heavier than a finishing pad?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Apologies for the multiple posts. I couldn't get the photos to attach on the other ones.

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      Without seeing it personally it looks like what happens when the spray booth filters are dirty and it can't move enough air and solvent in the air lands on the paint giving it the look of fine silicon spots or fine fish eyes .
      when this happens at work we use a 3000 sanding disc to gently take the surface down then machine polish it back up .
      if you feel confident you could just try a lamb's wool pad held fairly flat with whatever cutting compound you chose and see if it will mow down enough to hide it in the paint peel then finish it off how you normally would , i don't think a foam pad would have enough aggression to knock down the clear.