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Steamer and wet/dry vac suggestions

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  • Steamer and wet/dry vac suggestions

    Hey guys, been looking for a reliable steamer and also a powerful wet/dry vac for mobile car detailing
    ive seen a few steamers online and some compact wet/dry vacs but it seems all the reviews and suggestions are all american based and they dont sell the suggested brand here and only work on a 110 volt outlet, like the mcculoch 1375 for example

    Anyone here have any good suggestions

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    What do you mean? I have a WELIKERA Dust Buster vac for cleaning my car inside, it has some useful nozzles and the vacuum itself costs not so much. But I've ordered it from Amazon. Anyway, I'm happy with my purchace.
    Now I see, do you mean something like this, when you talking about american based reviews?
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