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Tiny Reviews volume 10: Renegade Rebel Red Metal Polish

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  • Tiny Reviews volume 10: Renegade Rebel Red Metal Polish

    Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, detailers and hacks..... I welcome you back to the show!!!!

    Please give a warm round of applause for the house with the most......... The lurch of detailing..... Self proclaimed Jekyll and Hyde of detail paradise.... Some of you love him some of you hate him........ NOTSOTINY!!!!!!!!

    Hey! How are you!? What's good mate!? Alright!

    What up ya'll welcome back to the show and today is a special episode for me.... It marks the tenth item I've reviewed for this show here on detail paradise and tell you what boys and girls I love doing this and there will be more of these shows to come!

    So back story time! I posted on "The Australian Detail Hub" Facebook group asking for some help and tips on metal polishing and a mate by the name of "Shane Beaton" of ProShine Detail sent me a message about this new metal polish product he is using after a short discussion I bought a bottle off him and awaited for it to arrive and after Aus post pulled their finger out it arrived

    First impression is it's rather snazzy looking in a red bottle it's not see thought, the label is rather nice and well presented and it came with a marble or ball bearing already in the bottle to help with mixing the chemicals inside

    Also spent a bit of money on myself for this job..... Dropped a fair chunk of change at Detail Central and bought my self a Flex PE-8

    So 3" backing plate with a lake country purple wool pad was chosen for this job and it worked a treat too here you can see I've used this combo before taking the photos to test out, but never the less

    Threw a little of Rebel Red Metal Polish on the pad

    And went to town in this job! Masked myself up a nice tape line for those 50/50 shots

    So first impressions of this combo of redness with the Flex and Rebel Red is that it cuts the oxidation fast and shines the metal up just as fast! But a warning to those doing something similar on a ute tray...... Wheel acid and you'll need a sh*tload of these wool pads I had only 2 and I had to make it work and it was a nightmare doing this big of a job with only 2 pads I would recommend at least 5-6 pads for this size of job

    But here is the money shot!!!!!!!!!

    Holy sh*t batman!!! Look at that shine!!!!!! It can't fix the pitting in the metal but no polish in the world will do that..... It removed all oxidation and shine it up like nothing else I've ever used and it smelled nice to boot most metal polishes have a chemical smell but this was rather pleasant on the nose

    And here is the final shot of the tray a couple hours of hard work...... It's hard work because I despise metal polishing -.- but Rebel Red made it a fair amount easier in myself

    So on to my final thoughts for this product

    Rebel Red Metal Polish
    Cut: 8/10

    Honestly it's got to be the best metal polish I've ever tried in my life even when hand polishing with an old mf towel on exhaust tips doesn't take a lot of elbow grease like most metal polish do its rather easy to use even when in hand polishing stage but it really shows its abilities when combined with a rotary polisher and wool pads

    And this product earns my "BADASS SEAL OF APPROVAL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I hear you asking "But tiny where do I get such a magical polish?!?!?" That's easy I tells ya...... Message Shane at his business page "ProShine Detailing" and I'm such a nice bloke I'll even give ya the link to his page!

    Well that's it for me folks but I'll be back next time with a new review next time on the show

    Have a good one folks!
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    Your reviews are awesome! Mmm I think its to shiny for a work ute 😆


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      I did my neighbors bullbar twice! Due to the Automatic car wash turning the stainless all milky

      By hand with Autosol.


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        Nice review. Enjoyable and informative.

        @Tassie - yep did my old man's ute a couple of times. Aluminium bull bar and tray back. By hand. Autosol. Came up pretty good!


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          I think I need some of this for the BBQ
          Great review


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            Good review