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Mr Minit dye n shine, leather stripper and angelWax ANgel

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  • Mr Minit dye n shine, leather stripper and angelWax ANgel

    Just a very quick review and initial thoughts on these 3 products. Well 2 on then are actually shoe shine.

    The subject, a worn and badly Sun damaged steering wheel from my gc8 wrx

    So I first applied the leather stripper. It seems to be some sort of thinner/acetone but is formulated for leather. It very quickly and easily stripped all previous coatings and finish. I was so impressed with this I tried it on an inconspicuous part of the dash and it removed the previous owners armour all mirror finish instantly. Didn't seem to discolour the plastics so I might do the whole dash.

    Next I applied the dye n shine using the included brush. I wonder whether it would be easier using an applicator pad. Here are the results

    Send to dry rapidly but it got too dark to complete the entire wheel.

    I also hit the now stripped airbag cover with ANgel. I didn't like ANgel in the past but this application may have swayed me. On an untreated surface it seems to come alive

    All up a huge improvement from the previously worn finish.

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    Look's Good.