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Tiny Review's Volume 11: Bowden's Own Part 3

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  • Tiny Review's Volume 11: Bowden's Own Part 3

    What is this nonsense tiny is writing 2 reviews in the same night?!?!

    Yes my good folks twice in the same night.... I'm off the meds!!!!!

    So part 3 lets do this.... This round we have Wax Wash and Lazy wax

    So this is gonna be waxy

    Ok first up lets do it!!! Come on down Wax Wash

    So this bottle is only available in a 2 little container but is priced at the same as the average 500ml bottles.... F**king bargin!!!

    The smell is to die for its banana milkshake from Wendy's it takes me back to high school when I would wag class and get a banana thick shake.... Ahhh memories

    So like all wax Infused washes it needs a little more soap to water ratio but with it being a 2 litre bottle she'll buff

    Goddamnit scarlet you've let me down again!!! Told you I like dirty girls!!! Oh well I'll make it work

    So it's a very thick consitity soap

    And now we go from soapy water

    Into a soapy banana milkshake

    Then with my trusty Shagastic we wash the red beast

    First thoughts are it's more slick then nanolicious to my feel anyway but that could be the wax in the soap

    And it rinses off exactly the same as nano it sheeted even thought it's a wax wash but anyway

    Then brought her inside to dry normally with my blower vac

    Then we bring out the second contender.... LAZY WAX!!

    I love this product acts like a quick detail spray but is a spray wax so it's super easy to use

    And I love the look of it

    Looks unreal on red!!!

    Bonus trick!!!

    Lazy wax will not stain plastics but will condition them like a dressing with a uv protectant

    Let's put that to the test on a shit load of plastics

    Just like the body of the car spray and wipe people spray and wipe

    And Ta-Da!!!! Dressed bother he plastics and waxed the paint in one step!!! How good is that

    Final Thoughts:

    Wax Wash:
    Slickness: 8/10
    Suds: 8/10
    Made-me-thirsty-ness: 10/10

    I really wanted a banana thick shake after using this product and it has become one of my favourite washes and it earned my badass seal of approval

    Lazy Wax:
    Gloss: 9/10
    Ease of use: 9/10

    Seriously this is a must own product in your Arsenal it also earned my badass seal of approval!!!!

    Well that's it for tonight guys but tune in next time for your dose of detailing reviews

    See ya later!! Goodbye!!
    Detail Paradise' Very Own Jekyll And Hyde


    The world made feel like I lost myself
    My own homies tellin' me that I need help
    If you got a solution for me you should probably


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    Awesome review! I have the wax wash like it! But i need to try the Lazy wax,

    as i use the fully slick for the bead porn.


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      Love the lazy wax, smells delicious. I noticed it really needs a good shake before you spray it though


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        This is my go to regular wash product. I have a 14 year old Mazda 323 in red and I am amazed at how great it looks after washing with this product.
        Also notice the water beading of the windscreen when raining no need for the wipers when on the highway and it's raining
        Great product


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          Originally posted by MitchH View Post
          Love the lazy wax, smells delicious. I noticed it really needs a good shake before you spray it though
          It is a little thicker mix.


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            Is Lazy wax simply spray on wipe off with one microfibre cloth? Or spray on, spread with first cloth, buff with second cloth? What have you found? Thanks