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  • Quick detailers/drying aids

    So, a couple of weeks back i bought a few things from zas.
    I had run out of the amazing kamikaze overcoat and was on the lookout for a more economical drying aid.
    I decided to try a bunch of different ones.
    So purchased large containers of optimum instant detailer and meguires last touch. I also got some primo slick and vic wax quick detail spray.

    On the first week i used optimum. That had a nice smell, good gloss & was also nice and slick.
    Last week i tried meguires last touch. That again had a pleasant smell with excellent gloss and ok slickness.
    Today i used primo slick. The smell was more akin to a bathroom cleaner or something (which is fine by me). The slickness is amazing, but I'm slightly disappointed with the gloss. It is of course better than if i were to use no drying aid at all. So next week it'll be vic wax's turn. It'll be interesting to see how that compares.

    For the time being, I'd have to say that the meguires had provided the best gloss for me and primo slick is by far the slickest. But of course OID is a great compromise with really good gloss and slickness. Dust collection on the car has been good (better than no drying aid) with both the meguires and OID. Generally, after one week, the car still looks fresh (except for blackened rims)

    I'll keep rotating through the different products to verify my opinions on them, but regardless i have been happy with each of them thus far. I'd still love to try Wolfgang uber WW & finishcare 425 (?), but no rush on those.

    Would be interested in others opinions on these products also.

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    Thanks for the detailed and informative review. The Optimum instant detailer sounds good!


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      Duragloss aquawax is also a good option


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        Good write-up. Have you used Reload at all? I alternate between that and Overcoat, depending who I'm making an order from at the time.
        I haven't used any others you mentioned, but how would you say they compare to Overcoat? Obviously price is a fair difference

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