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  • Polish Angel Rapidwaxx

    Hi guys

    Was great weather today to wash the car and do some product testing.

    Having been extremely impressed with the Polish Angel line so far, i decided to try their Rapidwaxx. This is a carnauba infused spray wax.

    Washed the car, blow dried then went over the car quickly with Polish Angel Sprayduster. Since i blow dry, there is always the odd dirty water run that gets blown out of a panel gap or piece of trim, so i always like to go over the car afterwards with a quick detailer type product. Polish Angel Sprayduster, if i understand correctly, is somewhat like an ONR or Opticlean type product whereby it can moderately clean and also leaves something behind as there is noticeable slick feel. This alone is good enough to end the wash process.

    I then proceeded to try the Rapidwaxx. Having learned now that less is more with these products, i primed an Optimum towel with one full spritz, and went one panel/spritz at a time. This seemed to spread a lot easier than the High Gloss, towel was less grabby, and the product just melted into the paint - it didn't need a follow up clean towel wipe like High Gloss.

    I stood back and think i was even more impressed than i was with High Gloss on the M3, might be the combo of colour and carnauba though. The depth and gloss is amazing, especially for a simple wipe on spray wax. I've only really seen a noticeable step up in gloss on this paint after using Kamikaze Infinity wax.

    Another brilliant product from Polish Angel, this is shaping up to be my favourite product line to date.

    Disclaimer - pics by iphone 6s

    - 2016 Jaguar F-Type R - Storm Grey w/ Kamikaze Enrei
    - 2016 BMW M3 Competition - Alpine White w/ Kamikaze Enrei

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    nice one Sam
    The thing that you do, after your day job, in your free time, early in the morning or late at night. The thing you read about, write about, think about, fantasize about. that thing you do alone and theres no one to impress, nothing to prove, no money to be made, simply a passion to pursue. Thats it, thats your thing, thats your heart , your guide, Thats the thing you must, must do.


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      Very nice....

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      Yeah I'm a Volvo driver.


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        Top stuff mate
        Por que no los dos

        Originally posted by SMOKEY
        Cheers Dan - but I think you're half the problem - why can't my paint look like yours after I've finished it!?! Unobtainable perfection! Haha


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          What an amazing car!


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            Wow, nice work. Certainly wouldn't be worried about the quality of the photos if the finish comes out looking that good


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              Very nice!

              How slick is the finish with the Rapidwaxx? Can it be used on a wet surface?