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Gyeon Q2 Leather Shield Review

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  • Gyeon Q2 Leather Shield Review

    Finally got around to coating the new car's leather. Bought a CX-9 with black leather and with a baby about to join the family it was both my last opportunity to get a bit of time on the car as well as prepare the leather from the onslaught of fluids and foods a baby can offer.

    I used Oakwood Leather Cleaner, a detailing brush and a few microfiber cloths to get the leather prepped. After that, applying the Gyeon product was straight forward. I've watched a few videos on YouTube about techniques etc for getting the job done but essentially you could follow the instructions on the box. The only issue I found with the instructions was using the foam applicator and cloth as a combo exclusively won't get into all the little crevices of the leather detail. This can be worked around using the cloth only and certainly isn't a Nobel Prize winning revelation, but it got the job done.

    Super happy with the result, leather looks better than it did when I got the car new so what more can I say. On a side note, I ended up using less than half of the 50mL bottle on a seven seater SUV plus leather trims so as far as value for money goes it's a win win.

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    Great to hear that you got some good results
    Did you take any before and after pictures?
    Would love to see them


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      Hi Damo,

      Unfortunately not, though I can attest to the Gyeon statement that there's no added shine or gloss, the leather is essentially clean but protected.


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        great, thanks for the info!


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          +1. Thanks for the review.


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            Good review - was tossing up between this and Cquartz leather


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              Great review, been meaning to try this after using leather coat


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                Can you comment on the old leather bum slideability?

                Nothing worse than adding slip to the seat, canít get as many Gs around them corners.