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installing camera that can see around corners and looking for dash cam recs/reviews

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  • installing camera that can see around corners and looking for dash cam recs/reviews

    Hey guys, So I just got given this 180 degree camera that lets you see around corners for Christmas. I figured while im installing it I might as well hardwire in a dashcam at the same time.

    The corner camera I got given actually seems pretty cool. I live on a main street with a tall fence and trees, so pulling out is stupidly dangerous. Looks like this camera will let me see all the way down the footpath and across the road. I haven’t installed it yet so I can hardly review it, But if anyone’s interested their website is

    Im looking for reviews and whats your experience with these dash cams? Any one use those cheap $30 ebay ones? I assume their total crap and cant pickup a liscense plate? Or am I better off going for something like a gator brand at around $120? I really don want to spend more than 150.
    Also has anyone ever had to use the footage captured by one? Howd it go with insurance, police etc?

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    Have seen the dashcams here and used a few from china direct. Had better results with the later in particular known brands. Am running one a Papago version atm with front and rear both running 1080p. This version can actually pick up license plate in most cases even during night time. The issue with dashcams is that the number plates are reflective (at least the QLD ones are), so at night time the headlight on number plate reflects and it becomes "white".

    Advise if you are to buy one local, ask for footage of the daytime and night time footage otherwise check the return policy incase it doesnt meet your expectation. Cheap $30 dashcams? Even the chinese ones that are ok quality cost more than $30 in china... so hope this answers..

    I have used footage to prove I got run into by a taxi driver before, but not with insurance, police.

    Hope this helps.