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Diceclay and Sanmer Detailing: Silver Honda Civic

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    No worries Steve.

    Annoyed that I had a 30th on your honda weekend and didn't get to meet and greet, But no doubt there will be more events in Vic.

    Keep us updated on your cars, I find your jobs really interesting.

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      Hey Guys so sorry for the absence been a very hectic few days.

      I am absolutely stocked on how the car came up and sincerely a huge thank you to the Steve for his patience, his tutelage and his new workspace.
      As some know on here I am quite a newbie on detailing and I learnt a lot from the Black Honda event that Steve held and attended by so many detailing royalty (thank you again to all who attended and I learnt off) .
      I have sooo much more to learn but I am on my way thanks to Steve and the Black Honda event participants.

      Just to clarify the HD Adapt and woolen pads worked amazingly well to remove the swirls. Prior to really getting into the detailing and meeting Steve, I had purchased a set of detailing products from Chemical guys and we thought as I had them we might as well give them ago. With the claying we tried both methods, clay bar and the claying towel. I used the old school method of the clay bar which worked well but I must say for versatility the claying towel worked great.

      The CG swirl remover that came with set was no match for the HD Adapt. HD Adapt worked effortlessly. This was backed up with a try out of the CG Ez Creme Glaze and this did actually work well to bring an extra shine to the paint and went on and wiped off easy. Looking forward to maintaining the finish with the new beginner Rockwell polisher and HD pads.

      I also must say the Bowden's wheel cleaner work amazingly well and brought up a great shine on the clear coated rims.

      The job was finished with some existing CG Trim Gel on the tyres and black mouldings that also came with the CG kit.

      Thanks again to Steve, to the CG products and to Dan for the HD products that even I a beginner can use effortlessly.

      "Where's Ford Fairlane? " Ah yes I am showing my age Richard aren't I with my Diceclay Nic.. Mr Rock and Roll Detective...

      PS Confession time, you just don't realise how many swirls you introduce yourself when using the brush at a car wash over the years. I've learned my lesson lol

      Happy and Safe Easter to everyone
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        Originally posted by Diceclay View Post
        "Where's Ford Fairlane? " Ah yes I am showing my age Richard aren't I with my Diceclay Nic.. Mr Rock and Roll Detective...
        I was thinking "Where's Max Goldman?"

        Well done with your first correction.
        What was the CG swirl remover that came in the set? I've found their V series to be pretty decent at correcting most paints.
        If it beads...

        we can clean it.


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          Hey Kaanage. Thanks...I had some great teachers...but in all honesty soo much more to learn but you have to start somewhere.

          I actually bought this kit

          The kit came with the swirl remover, Scratch and Swirl Remover- Minor-Scratch Scratch & Swirl Remover. To be fair it is for minor swirls and well to be honest the car had more than minor swirls. Just note Steve and I told the owner off and he will not be repeating his brushing actions.

          As a beginner I bought the kit and the items in the kit are pre-arranged and not interchangeable. There is quite a number of different items in there and I'll happily use them up. I also must say thanks to Rex from Chemical Guys here in Melbourne he did help me out.

          No issue with the swirl remover as I've learnt, not all products work on all cars, so its test spot first and then go from there, I can use the CG product it as a normal polish rather than a cutting polish. I have done some research on the V series and they are getting some really great reviews. I was going to purchase the V36 but thought I'd get through what I had and then try it out. I then was introduced to the HD range of products and have dabbled with them ever since.