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Quick 30 Min Headlight Resto

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  • Quick 30 Min Headlight Resto

    Hi guys, did my first paid job today, it was a headlight resto on a Corolla.

    I was able to remove pretty much everything with HD UNO on an Orange HD Cutting pad, I did follow up with HD Speed just because I could and then finish up with HD Poxy.

    Prior to starting.

    Drivers side done.

    Passenger done.

    Both done and sealed.

    Shame I couldn't talk the owner into letting me tidy the rest of the car up.

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    looking good Luke. Try HD cut if you can on next one. You will turn a 30 min resto into about 10.
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      Nice job Luke...looks crystal now!

      That bumpers pretty rooted
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      Originally posted by SMOKEY
      Cheers Dan - but I think you're half the problem - why can't my paint look like yours after I've finished it!?! Unobtainable perfection! Haha


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        Thanks for the suggestion, I have in my arsenal UNO, Speed, and Poxy, I will be adding HD Cut and HD Polish to that this week, as I have a black Mitsi 380 that ive been told will be "the biggest challange to date" however ive only done a proper correction on one car at the moment, so it should be "interesting".


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          Originally posted by KNGPN View Post
          Nice job Luke...looks crystal now!

          That bumpers pretty rooted
          Haha yep, many bugs, alot of tar and peeling paint.


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            Amazing job luke. Much faster than my first time haha doinf a head light and thats with sand paper too


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              Id hope what I did was much faster as by the time you start wet sanding you need to work out what grade to use, use finer grades to remove majority of the scratching from the previous grade and then a cutting compound to remove the cloudiness.

              Id hazard a guess and say if it needed a wetsand I could do them both in about an hour.


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                Nice work mate. Gotta do my dad's pulsar too.


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                  Nice work mate, it's amazing how the fixed up headlights makes the car look so much better, even if the bumpers stuffed!
                  Well done!


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                    Well done

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                      Nice work Luke, keep it up!
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