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    Hello.. Here is some pic's of a recently car i brought (Cheap as chips) as i knew the corolla was a tough little car that just keeps on going, it is old and the paint and trims was faded, the seats were stained and the carpet was dirty, but mechanically wise is a1.. when i got it home the 1st thing was a foam soak with ct18 and apc for 6 mins, then the whole body was hit with iron x and dweld for 10 mins with a light mist of water every 4 mins, after that it received another foam soak with ct18 for another 3 mins then rinsed, the car was then clayed from top to bottom then received a hand wash and wipe down.. After all this i sat back looking at the paint work working out what to do next. hd cut or uno or just apply hd speed. looking at the paint work it had fine swirl marks and the clear on it looked very thin and i decided hd uno was the choice just to remove the fine swirls and to bring out the shine (I didn't need a aggressive cut) after that the car was then polished with hd polish and then sealed with poxy for 12 hours.. the side trims, bumpers, mirrors was applied with black wow. the seats, carpet was done with 3d shampoo using the little green (no after pics of that yet) the dash and other interior trims has not been done due to product run out rims are yuk and need replacing so i just gave the tires a taste of opti bond tire gel.. this car is not finished as of yet due to other commitments

    When i 1st got it home

    Receiving its 1st foam bath

    Iron x at work

    After the hand wash and dry down, you can just see the shine

    Here is some 50/50 of the uno at work

    A shot of the whole bonnet after uno was buffed off

    The next pics are after the polish and sealant stage and you can see the big difference in shine

    Black wow at work

    I removed the plastic grill part from under the front window so i can treat it properly and found the water run off area filthy. was only going to give it a wipe down, but i couldn't help my self

    The plastic trim back on and all nice and clean

    Will post more pics after its all done
    Thanks for looking
    Like a blind man trying to find his swirl marks

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    Looking good nubz. Nothing better than turning a crapper around i reckon.


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      Nice work. Having mainly worked on older cars, like this, I can well understand where the time has gone to get it from the original tired, faded condition to the current state of glossiness and cleanliness.

      And you have to love the de-ironing show on an old white car like this
      If it beads...

      we can clean it.


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        Well done mate, it'll be a great little car to get you on the road again!


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          Yep, it may not be a rolls or a jag or even a supree lol. Just a old poor gray headed/ half bold guy with big dreams

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          Like a blind man trying to find his swirl marks


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            Good effort nubzy well done, I will be doing a 97 sedan soon.
            Yeah I'm a Volvo driver.


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              You've brought that thing into the 21st century with your work there mate. You should be proud - it looks great!
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                Top work Nubz! It's always nice working on your own car!

                Nice idea of removing the plastic trim below the windscreen! Would make it a million times easier to clean and protect! I might have to try that with my Honda.


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                  Up dated.. The finished car

                  Like a blind man trying to find his swirl marks


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                    Looks brand new now Nubzy you going to flip it?
                    Yeah I'm a Volvo driver.


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                      Originally posted by Senator215 View Post
                      Looks brand new now Nubzy you going to flip it?
                      Need to repair a ding in the rear quarter panel 1st, were the old owner punched it with the side of his hand when he was arguing with his mrs (he says) its a prick to push out as its covered with the rear shock arch behind the panel, havent got the right tools for this job, so i just stuck a peace of long hard wood and slowly taped it out with a hammer.. next week i will get some really rough sand paper to go in my da and take quarter of that panel back to bare metal (from the door on woulds) and fill it up with filler then undercoat and spray it.. Iv worked in plenty of panel shops, so i know how to shape the filler to the shape of the panel just need some tape to get a straight creased line
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                      Like a blind man trying to find his swirl marks