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  • Kia Rio Quickie

    I didnt have any work on this afternoon so I figured I would at least give my son's Kia Rio a quick wash.. I should have known

    I noticed there were a few marks on the rear passengers quarter panel so after drying out came the DAS6 and the HD Adapt on the BNS Microfibre pad... made short work of the marks but now I needed to finish it off properly...
    So on with the black LC CCS pad and I layed down a fine film of HD Poxy... I havent used it on a red car before so this was going to be interesting...

    Anyway... it took all of about 10 minutes to lay down a thin coat... I let her sit for about 15 minutes then went around and buffed it all off... this has to be one of the best Kia colours... there is a heap of flake in it and the Poxy works well on it...

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    That looks alright doesn't it!!! Mmmm gloss

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      Yeah I'm a Volvo driver.