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Today's detail (190kb of pics)

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  • Today's detail (190kb of pics)

    Got a chance to work on the liner again today. First time it was covered in waterspots, most noticeably on the windscreen. Didn't have much time so only went over the paint with SSR1, AIO and sealed with SG/WG.
    This time went over with SSR2.5 to get all the waterspots out. Cutting pad over the glass worked a fair bit faster, especially with heavier pressure applied. Put another coat of SG on the wheels, and tires got EO. Trim got PB trim restorer and plastx on headlights. Was getting dark so pics could've been better.

    Guess what LSP.

    Glass cleaner and AIO had no effect whatsoever on waterspots.

    SSR2.5 and cutting pad finally fixed it. Also used AIO.

    Roof shot.

    Side shot.

    Rear shot.

    Umm ... what's left? The hood.

    Owner originally didn't like SG because it was too bright. WG was better and slicker but _still_ too reflective. Finally went with #26 today and he seemed much happier. Definitely lost a lot of slickness though.

    Edit: Here's a pic taken the day after the first detail (AIO/SG/WG).

    Note the pic was taken with a different camera with much brighter lighting.

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    Looking Nice, have you got any shots of the previous details of the same car with different products?



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      Looks great Mad.......I would love to do a Yellow car in fact any other colour except Black or Silver would be nice !!!

      Interesting that the guy didnt like the WG look, do you think it was due to the Yellow?

      I have used WG DGS on a few dark cars and then done one panel with Carnauba and havent really seen a difference.

      I will be interested to read your thoughts.



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        Hi Mad, SVR from autopia here. Great to see ya here mate, nice car by the way.


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          I love yellow, there is just something about that colour. If I'd known Ford was bringing it out in the BA, I'd have waited the 12 months for them to release it.

          My Old Man had a yellow 200SX Spec S and traded it in on a red Spec R. I wanted to kill him
          I used to have a life, and money, Then I discovered detailing....