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First attempt - have to start somewhere

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  • First attempt - have to start somewhere

    So after some reading and then some more reading i figured it was time to have a crack at my first car. We finally had some decent weather on the weekend of the 19th so I had the best intentions to dive in then but mother nature had other ideas in preparation I thought I would have a bit of an early spring clean and move some stuff from the garage to the back shed to free up room for detailing. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Loaded a couple of spare engines I had plus some other items into the trailer and took it round the back, well most of the way around the back.

    For your entertainment here is how I started my first weekend (Saturday arvo and most of Sunday it was just too wet) of detailing, removing my G6E from the backyard................

    Well when I finally got the car out I didn't feel like detailing anything so I hit it with the genri and left it on the driveway for the rest of the week.

    Yesterday was perfect no rain just overcast so I collected my gear and headed out. Plan for my first attempt was:
    2 bucket wash
    Clay bar
    Apply Duragloss 601 then 105
    Finish with Aquawax

    I managed to get the wash and clay done in the afternoon and rewashed the car before putting it back in the garage for the night. Man as a beginner it takes me way longer than those guys on youtube to do these things! No doubt I will get better with practice. This morning I applied the 601 and a coat of 105. I am a little unsure of whether I need to apply a second coat of 105 as there seems to be different views in what I have read so for now I am at least waiting until tomorrow before I finish it off with the aquawax.

    Considering the car is only 15 months old it is in pretty good shape to start with so the end result isn't a miraculous transformation but it is an improvement and certainly the first time it has been done properly (yeah my bad). Once I can afford to increase my collection and include a DA I can start to look at correction work as well, in particular the swift in the background is an up coming task that I have determined is too much to be done by hand.

    Any ways here are some shots for review, please don't be too harsh on the newbie

    Cheers CJ

    Starting point

    Doesn't look too bad

    Finished product

    A little better

    A closer look

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    The 601/105 combo is great. If my experience is anything to go by, you should get around 12 months worth of protection out of it.

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      Awesome looking car CJ. Came up a treat after your off road expedition

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        Thanks guys, after the backyard effort I was seriously wondering why I ever got rid of the Prado



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          Good job Cj. Durations combo works a treat.

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            Looks good mate. Had a chuckle at the car in the grass but it's come up great.

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              Was only just getting into the swing of a decent maintenance routine and I go and put a few marks in the G6E's paintwork pretty sure I won't be able to buff these ones out.... All good though I was lucky and walked away relatively unscathed.

              Will have to look for a replacement soon and start again.


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                Whole crap. Thankfully you were unscathed with that. If I may, what caused it? Happy for you to tell me to F-off, but I am sure the gang would like to know.


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                  Originally posted by Michael Yoni
                  Whole crap. Thankfully you were unscathed with that. If I may, what caused it? Happy for you to tell me to F-off, but I am sure the gang would like to know.
                  That's ok, there is always ads running and I guess more so around this time of year. Fatigue kills, though in my case it missed. I don't remember leaving the road but sure as hell remember stopping.

                  It happened about 1km or so out of town on the way home just before nightfall. I highly don't recommend the experience to others........

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