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  • Mazda6 2003

    So, i've finally managed to get a bit of time to detail my own car, instead of working on everyone elses I was a bit pushed for time so it's not 100% yet but i'm pretty happy with the result(it's a daily driver, does the school run twice a day etc).

    The colour is known as Strato Blue Mica - It looks absolutely gorgeous when it's clean but it is impossible to keep that way. Very few Mazdas were painted this colour, i've personally only ever seen two other Mazdas of the same colour.

    Also, appologies for the lense flare, I need to buy a better potato.

    Paint was compounded with Megs MF pads and Rupes Keramik (a really amazing combo on this paint, no swirls and very very minimal haze), polished with Rupes Yellow pads + Keramik on a LHR21 Mk2, followed by two rounds of Poorboys Blackhole and a round of EX.

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    Awesome. Looks fantastic


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      Always good when you get to give your own baby some love. Nice work!

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