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Zaino and Meguiars NXT Results. Not 56k Friendly

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  • Zaino and Meguiars NXT Results. Not 56k Friendly

    A few pics of the M3. Coated a few times with Zaino Z6. I am going to strip it the M5 and do it from scratch when I get some Z8. The M5 is my daily driver dut the M3 is basically a sunday toy. Unfortunaetly I detonated the M3 motor at the track over Easter so it will be about 12 months before it gets back out of the garage ($12000 rebuild later) so I am going to give that a Swissol treatment to see how it looks by comparison.

    M3 with 6 coats of Zaino The car one "Peoples Choice" award at the Easter BMW Nationals. It also took out "Peoples Choice" award at the 2004 BMW Club Queensland Show - n - Shine.

    Amazing what some cheap silocon spray can do to make an engine look great.

    M3 Motor.

    M5 Motor.

    Finally a few pics of the M5. Never had time to get a full detail on it before the show so rather than rush a Zaino job on it, I simply used Meguiars NXT Hi-Tech wax. I really rate this product for what it is, a middle of the range wax. I have used it before and and although it is not as good as Zaino, its one of the better off the shelf products.


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    Hi Dave,

    I hadnt heard the full extent of the M3 problem.....sorry to hear it. ( Carbon Air Box time ? )

    The M5 looked pretty damn good out at Stanthorpe, very straight car.

    You could try topping the Zaino with Swissol or Pinnacle Souveran, as they do not contain cleaners they wont strip the Zaino.......problem is you wont be able to layer anymore Zaino on top of the carnauba waxes.



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      So fresh, so clean!
      Very tidy engine bay.
      Unfortunate accident, but that's what these cars were built for.
      I haven't had the chance to use Souveran myself, but from all accounts it looks great on black, and one of the few carnauba waxes considered worthy to top Zaino.