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E92 BMW 325i Black Correction

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  • E92 BMW 325i Black Correction

    Hi All, This was done last Monday.
    This car is owned by a regular customer of mine, have done a few of his different cars now, and this one was going up for sale. He did not want to spend the earth on it so I said I would give it a good clean up on it. Low and behold I ended up doing a full correction on it, I just couldn't hand it back knowing I only gave it one pass and given he is a regular, I really looked after him on this one.

    So it got a pass of fg500 on white LC, a pass of 203s on white LC, and a pass of 4500 on Black all on the 3401VRG.
    Gave it 2 coats of Naviwax dark.
    He ended up selling for a $1500 more than what he had originally on it so he got a very good result for it. He was a very happy man and called yesterday to say it was sold.

    This exhaust was terrible, took me ages to even get a decent result! The owner used something that had eaten away at the tips


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    WOW, Black wow. Amazing turn around moz. reflections are insane
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      Nice work Morrie..... maybe he will look after you at Christmas with a nice bottle of something tasty seeing as how you polished another 1.5k into that beast.. good work.... T
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        Fantastic work and great shots!
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          Great work Mate

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            Those reflections are crazy!excellent work


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              Beautiful Mozza !
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                Beautiful mate, nice job
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                  Wow! Inspirational.



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                    And he still wanted to sell it after you gave it back looking back like that???!

                    Just gave my wife's 118 a go before we sold that last week, found the paint pretty hard, but after opti seal and opti spray wax, i and the eventual buyer were pretty happy.


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                      Great work, Naviwax produces again.


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                        Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it



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                          Looks good Mozza. Isn't it great to hear that all the effort you put in actually made a different to the customer financially.

                          Don't you wish more people looked at having their car's professionally detailed as an investment rather than an expense.

                          Well done again.


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                            Thanks Antonio.