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Mercedes C200 Paint Correction Wolf's Hard body wrap

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  • Mercedes C200 Paint Correction Wolf's Hard body wrap

    Hey all,
    Owner of this car found me on this forum, he had booked this in well over a couple a months ago and so finally came the time.
    Car had moderate to heavy swirling in all areas specifically the bonnet and boot lid. The result of using a brush and rinseless washing. Customer is an enthusiast and with a couple of minor tweaks will look after his car very well.
    Was corrected using the new CARPRO PURPLE FOAM RING CUTTING PAD 7" with 3 passes of 203s and 2 passes of 85rd with the black carpro pad. Must say, I am absolutely wrapped with these pads on the flex 3401. My Lake country although produced fantastic results, always heated up to much. Did not find this problem with the carpro at all. The paint work as typical mercedes was as hard as nails. The car came beautifully when corrected.
    Wolf's hard Body was used as the finishing touch. 16 Hour Job


    Bonnet done.


    Exhaust before

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    Looks great, well done.

    Good to see correct car washing technique being passed onto the owner, it's so painful to see car owners washing with sponges/brushes on car paint!


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      Nice one Moz.

      Might try me some of these Carpro pads

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        some nice work moz. love it
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          Very nice work!

          How are you finding the hard body wrap?
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            Those reflections look awesome Mozza nice one mate
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              Awsome work Moz! i'm also keen to here your thoughts on Hardbody.
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                Thanks guys. My thoughts on hard body are that it is more glossier than standard wrap, which is a good thing, it's on my wife's car now and seems to hold up really well from a dirty old mf towel as I tested and it's a Kia, pretty soft paint, no marring to speak of. I think it will perform well in scratch resistance as well, not as good as coatings but still will have a bit of scratch resistance. Durability is claimed to be up to 2 years, I got sent a sample from my friend in holland a month back, and got some from ccp too so it's been on the wife's car for a while and a couple of others, still beading like crazy, and super slick. nice and smooth to the touch. Of course, it will need to be treated properly with correct methods to hold up for the 2 years.

                As with the standard wrap, it's easy on and off with a make up pad for applying and a clean MF to wipe off. I did notice a slightly thicker consistency than standard wrap. I did not use shine and seal, just a double wipe over with IPA to remove all oils and put it on. All in all, I'm very happy with the glossier look. Customer's preference with what LSP they would like but I will be holding it in my range of goodies.

                I was extremely impressed with the carpro pads, that they will be a regular order for me from now on. I was wrapped with the results from them.
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                  I've been waiting for someone local to use the hard wrap

                  I've been looking at the seal-shine + hard wrap combo lately, though its hard to judge the ease of app with so many biased reviews on dw
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                    Nice work Mozza! It's looking great under the wolfs HB!


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                      Very nice mate. The 200 CGIs are a very cool package. Good value, drive really well and enough punch to get you into, or out of trouble. Hard to beat the interiors for wear as well - even the white MB Tex seats clean up perfect every time. Looks mint.


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                        Some reflection shots after the detailing process.


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                          Brickwork shot looks wicked!