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BMW F30 328i (NEW) Cquartz Finest

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  • BMW F30 328i (NEW) Cquartz Finest

    Hey all,
    The more I do these F30's the more I'm in love with them, just a graceful superb looking machine. Love them. This came in quite good condition from the dealer, once decontaminated I found a little discoloured area on the bonnet that looked like a wetsanding mark from factory, that they did not quite re buff out or could quite as well have been done by the dealer detailers, anyways it came out easily with a couple of passes of pf2500. Paintwork was Jewelled with Hd polish on a Gold LC pad. Pillars were very swirled up so treated them with a pass of Scholl S30 on a white LC small pad x 2 passes. Wheels were dressed with megs tyre gel and rims got a PB seal on them.

    Paintwork Decontaminted with CT18 and Iron X. Paintwork was given a clay via the clay prep towel. And wheels were given the trix treatment. Car was passed over twice with eraser and finally 2 coats of Cquartz Finest went down. Sorry, this is very pic heavy, but I just love these cars.
    Such a beautiful car to work on. Just needs tinted windows and that will truly set if off.

    Trix Doing it thing.

    Water just pooling after decontamination, no beading, you know youve taken all the dealer crap off when you get this

    If you just look slightly to the left and above the light you can see a slight blemish, it looked like a wetsand mark not fully fixed!

    directly left here

    Fixed up pretty easily




    Thanks for viewing
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    wow now thats nice, if only it were in estroil blue!
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      Looking great. I dont mind the European Commodore.


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        Very nice Mozz.
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          U busy boy moz. Nice.
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            Top work Mozza! Very glossy silver mate!


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              Man your just crankin em out. Top notch!
              I hope to half as busy one day!



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                Very nice Mozza!


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                  Thanks for the comments guys. Much appreciated.



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                    Nice work Moz-man

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                      Nice job as always! Another forehead slap for the engineers that put super soft gloss black panels in high use areas though. Very German.

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                        Nice work there like these beasties
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                          Thanks Morrie. Am loving the water beading


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                            Your very welcome Makro, love the F30's. Am a big, big fan.