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WTB: Beginner's DA polisher in NSW

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  • WTB: Beginner's DA polisher in NSW

    Hi guys,

    I've been wanting to do my own work for a while now. Been looking at polishers but I can't justify spending $400+ for polishers, specially if I'm a newbie.

    Does anyone have a good second hand DA polisher? I'm trying to limit my budget to around $200, could pay a bit more if it comes with the pads, compounds etc.
    Also willing to pay extra for shipping if they're happy to ship it.

    Or if you guys have any recommendations for a good polisher that is best bang for buck? I was looking at shinemate as well.

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    Over your budget but we have this sale ending later today including free pads
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      Get the shinemate/das6/zentools/clover/ brands for your needs. I don't think you can go wrong from there.

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        Has anyone experience with the Clover 21mm Repes inspired unit? Good or bad?


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          I got one of these the other day. Yet to use it but looks good for the $$
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