Hi guys,

For the past year I have run a premium waterless car wash business in Sydney. It's been awesome and I've been able to clean some great cars (supercars/high performance etc). Due to moving location to the Central Coast I have had to shut the business down. I now have all of my products (cordless vacs, spray bottles, waterless car wash solutions, microfibre towels etc).

I would like to offer everything for sale. I would also be willing to train/teach the next person everything that I have learnt over the past year waterless washing cars. (How the product works, the best conditions, what products I use, the entire process beginning to end)

Over the past year I have invested approximately $5,000+ in product purchases, not to mention the countless hours of research and testing/developing my process.

Waterless carwash has been great for the high performance/supercar market as it allows the cars to the detailed undercover and in the owners garage etc.

I'm not looking to make a profit, just would like to cover some of my costs.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email me at: ashercompton@gmail.com