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  • Another SA newbie

    Hi All,

    I am recently retired so have found some more time to devote to projects I never really got around to before, one of which is getting cracking on the restoration of the cars I have waiting in my shed throw in a couple of new cars and my interest in detailing has peaked so it is an area I am keen to learn more about. Hate to say it but for most of my working life I had been one of those wash the car when I get around to it kind of guys so I am looking to change that especially now that I have time on my hands.

    Looking forward to reading through the board and chatting with you guys.


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    Welcome CJ lots to learn on this forum


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      Welcome mate


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        Welcome! I look forward to seeing what you've got in store.

        Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

        Want some tips to help with taking detailing photos? Click here!


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          Well after a week of sifting through the boards I am probably more dangerous to my cars than I was a week ago Got to start somewhere though... I have 3 cars to start playing with a '17 Escape, '16 G6E and an '11 Swift. To my untrained eye the two newer cars look to be ok for now and can survive without correction, the Swift on the other hand has the light tell tale swirls from poor washing over a number of years and needs correcting.

          My collection of detailing equipment to start with was very limited so I did a little shopping this week and added a few things that would fit within the budget to get me started. To kick off I grabbed the following:
          Bowdens Nanolicious
          2 buckets with grit guards
          Duragloss Aquawax
          Duragloss 601 and 105
          Gyeon Q2M Drying Towel
          303 Areospace
          couple of good microfibre cloths and a bundle from costco for general use.

          I already had a mf noodle mitt and surprisingly an unopened Mothers Gold clay bar kit in the shed, but it was rapidly apparent that the budget was not going to stretch to getting a DA in the near future. So my plan is to start with one of the newer cars (still tossing up which is the smaller of the two?) and work towards getting its first proper coat of sealant and wax.

          1. 2 bucket wash - don't dry it
          2. clay
          3. rewash
          4. apply 601
          5. apply 105
          6. finish with aquawax

          Sounds like a heap of work when I haven't tried it but I am sure it will go by pretty quick, all I need now is a day where we don't have horizontal rain