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303 protectant or 303 aerospace?

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  • 303 protectant or 303 aerospace?

    Is the 303 protectant and the 303 aerospace the same product just with different lable/name. Is there any difference between the two?

    Also looking at the bottle made me laugh...
    Apparently it dries, but does not air dry....

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    Yes. The more you buff dry the better it works, So they say.


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      I believe the Aerospace label is the old one. Same product, just a packaging change.

      I've never tried it but I think I saw somewhere if you leave it on wet rather than buffing off it'll leave a glossier finish so it must air dry.


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        So i had some time today to test out the 303 its fantastic, it made everything look new again ot really brings out the richness in the underlying material. The photo doesn't really do it justice. I had some severe white staining around my door rubbers from the tinting process and it has corrected these too. I took some before photos on the tablet but the wife has taken it.