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    Originally posted by rezvisquikz
    I have made up my mind to do as you have mentioned. Any recommendations on what compunds you would use on an e60 black paint?
    Hi Rez, not sure you got your compound yet. I recommend Menzerna HC400 due to longer working time and any polish like Menzerna SF2500 to Meguiars Ultimate Polish

    I would assume most BMs have hard paint.

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      Thanks mate, its just i havent got my car yet, from insirance repair. Was going to post pics so that experienced ppl such as you, can recommend something safe and effective i willbe posting pics next week hopefully.


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        Originally posted by Big Damo View Post
        My 2 cents worth is to buy a DA polisher as a kit with pads polishes etc or spend some time chatting with one of the sponsor's to bundle up some together.
        My experience was to practice with the least aggressive combination to get a feel as to how it would feel on the car and look at the results.
        Then I tried out the more aggressive pad polish combination and really noticed the difference with how much correction was possible.
        My reasoning with doing it this way was that I would be unlikely to remove to much clear coat while developing a feel for the machine.
        I think that as long as you have watch a number of videos on how to and stay away from rotaries and aggressive pads you should be OK with it all.
        Lots of fun and satisfaction with getting it all shiny of your own back.
        For the abrasive and polish I am looking at Macguires 105 and 205. A lot of videos are telling me to go this way. Is this on par to what you have mentioned? like using a less powerful one to be able to take things slowly and be on the safe side. Because it is my first time you know. Also I couldnt find any Opticoat pro, anywhere to buy. Is it really hard to find coats? Is their any alternative that I can use which is available in australia? Thanks in advance


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          Hi Rez,
          I am no expert when it comes to Opticoat etc but I believe some are available for professionals only and offer a slightly lower product for DIY'ers
          I am not up to coating my own cars with a semi permanent product yet but can recommend Fusso soft 99 as a wax like sealant
          perhaps if you ask some of the pro's on this forum they might be able to move you in the right direction for the glass or ceramic coatings
          looking forward to seeing your progress