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  • Howdy ;)

    Gday, like many I'm new here, lurking, searching for info, views, opinions about products & technique, finally decided to join here . . .

    Have been a detailer since early teens = LONG time & only in the last 5 have I taken it to a fairly serious level for my own satisfaction to my own pride & joy - currently that's a souped up BR86 in the dark metallic orange which thankfully & rightly isn't a DD anymore =

    Have also thought about 2 other things 1) ceramic coating - should I ? 2) becoming a pro - how to do this properly & should I ? I could @ least be certain of one thing & that's I'm sick of my current trade & I love detailing cars. Lots of Q's to answer, so little time - bugger :|

    Comments welcome . . . cheers
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    Hi and welcome! Sounds like you've got a nice ride, be sure to share some pics.

    Detailing is hard physical work and due to all the shopping-mall carwashes, people expect a lot for little cash. It can take a while but eventually you can become a well known detailer with customers who will exclusively use you.

    There are lots of useful threads here to read through. Enjoy!

    Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

    Want some tips to help with taking detailing photos? Click here!


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      Cheers, I know about many hours hand & machine polishing & I'm tall so it's even harder to look after my lower back :/ I do my best, tried uploading a pic but keps telling I'm not allowed to upload any type file extension I throw at it, maybe I'm just limited atm cos newby ?