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  • Hi all (again)

    Hi everyone,i was a member about 8 yrs ago,went under another name but cant bloody remember what it was!. Wasnt on here for long which is probably why.i think it was when my computer blew up, never bothered to log in again but anyway.. these days i drive an FG mk2 xr6 turbo,its pretty quick after some mods but spends most of its time in the garage because of my work hrs.i belt around in an old camry mostly,so refreshing driving something around i dont have to worry about with its condition etc.. my turbo is basicly mint with low k's ,44thou last time i checked.i keep the paintwork,trim,interior, spotless with all the specialty gear.just put new rims on it ,20" koya sf6 rims in silver. Replaced the 20" tsw black with silver lip tremblants which i still have. Needed a facelift i thought. Anyone got any suggestions for a good coating/sealant for my new rims? Now is the ideal time to do it as they've only done 50kms. I look forward to sharing any knowledge with everybody and i promise ill stick around this time! Lol
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    Nobody wanna say g,day? Ah well no worries.all good.


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      Hey man!
      I haven't been on for a few weeks, too much work.

      Welcome back.

      Grab a bottle of Kamikaze Stance - rim coat.

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        G'day Damo'
        Since the update I have trouble finding the new posts
        Welcome back.
        Would love to see some pictures of your FG I am a big fan


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          Gday damo ill post a few shortly for sure.ended up giving the gyeon rim coat a try. Much easier to apply on brand new wheels! Lol


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            Just noticed the link i posted removed. Links not allowed? Sorry about that.