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  • Newbie from Melbourne

    Hi all, recently upgraded and bought an MY15 Subaru BRZ in WR Blue. Delved into the detailing world as soon as I bought it because I want to keep the paint in its best shape. So that weekend I bought it I went and got some autoglym products from supercheap to start. Thursday I got it ceramic coated with Gtechniq c1, and yesterday I picked up my order from waxit! Which means today I am giving my baby its first wash with some good products. There are a few more things I need to add to my arsenal which includes a grit guard (which I will be getting from car care products next weekend) and also wheel brushes and some all purpose cleaner so then I can use the PERL on the interior. Will also be picking up some autobrite alcantara cleaner for my seats. After I've finished with the autoglym glass cleaner I will also be trying a new product as I don't really like this one. I also wouldn't mind putting a glass coating on and a coating on my rims, but that will come in time when I save some money. The microfiber towels I am using at the moment are the ones from Costco (36 for $19) but I do need to buy a proper detergent to wash them and my drying towels!

    Sorry for the ramble but I am super excited and I think I'm obsessed with keeping my paint in the best condition it can be. If anyone has anymore ideas of what to add to my arsenal fire away as I'm still trying to figure out what the best product is to put on top of the ceramic coating for some shine and gloss hence the Z6. Whereas is something like reload necessary for the coating?

    By the way my car is not parked in a garage and is always outside.

    My current products:

    And my pride when it got ceramic coated:

    I hope to learn so much from all of you and thanks for letting me be here

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    Welcome to the forum - nice car and colour


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      Originally posted by Navarre
      Welcome to the forum - nice car and colour
      Thanks! Yep I love the colour

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        Welcome Kiara
        Looks like you have a good plan my suggestions is more photos of your car. It looks sweet


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          Welcome to DP
          Did Mozz do your car? top bloke he is
          Por que no los dos

          Originally posted by SMOKEY
          Cheers Dan - but I think you're half the problem - why can't my paint look like yours after I've finished it!?! Unobtainable perfection! Haha