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  • Hey!

    Thought I might join DetailParadise and expand my knowledge regarding detailing. Right now I have a Black Honda Civic Type R (FN2R). I've done the best I can on it with what I have (which is a lot of Meguiars stuff and a few Turtle Wax things; can provide a list if someone has the time to 'critique' it??).

    A small problem I deal with is dust accumulation on the car because I don't park in a garage. I'm planning to purchase a DA Machine soon, but they're very pricey . A question I also have is what I could purpose an air compressor for; I've seen them a lot in videos online but not really sure what to use it for besides cleaning applicator pads.

    My goal is to learn a lot about detailing and ideally by the end of the year open up a small mobile business!

    Well that's it! I hope to learn a lot!
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    I use 5inch ShineMate (around $300) and a super cheap auto random DA (green machine) but with a 3 inch adaptor. They are both good machines. ScA was on $90 special recently. Just dont use the 6inch it comes with on anything but wax application and even then i would use softer 6 inch pad. For my hobby detailing its plenty.


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