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Buying detailing gear from overseas?

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  • Buying detailing gear from overseas?

    Hey guys.
    I've always supported our local detailing companies, but recently I've been looking at some gear which isn't available through local distributors.
    In particular, I'm looking at buying some Wolfgang uber waterless wash, and also, down the line, a CR spotless deionising kit. (We have crazy hard water where i am)
    Both these items are available through autogeek, as well as other outlets in the USA.
    I've heard the quotes from autogeek can be quite pricey, so was hoping to get an insight into how others buy gear from the USA?
    I know there's the option of mail forwarding companies as well, but it's all very new to me.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Shoot Mark Wibberly an e-mail ( for all up Inc shipped costs of the Raceglaze units...

    Should be around $350 for the 7 litre kit.

    Or.. if you wanna go big -
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      Hey, that's excellent Brycey.
      Will for sure look into these options when I'm ready to get my deionising kit. (hate water spotting)


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        You may want to look into this TDS as its very close to the CR spotless.


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          I bought the following Portable Water Deionizer

          $120 for shipping using shipito