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    Hey all,

    So some stupid kids thought it would be a fun idea to drop rocks of walkways over the hume highway last week during the school holidays. Luckily it was only about golf ball size that i hit(yeah at 110kph), and luckily didnt damage my windscreen apart from two small chips. My wiper has a dent and i think it took the impact of the broken shards after the initial bonnet impact. The bonnet has dented and has two deep scratches. Id say the scratches would be 40mm long at the most.

    Recommend me a dent and scratch guy that services the Campbelltown, NSW area please. The vehicle is a new ford ranger.

    The damage caused wouldnt be sufficient to warrant an insurance claim. Ive heard the dent and scratch guys are pretty good at what they do and shy of the kids being caught by police, and even if they were, id have to front the cash in one way or another

    Please if you have kids, preach to them about how dangerous an act it can be!!!!!

    Cheers guys