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  • Buying an Shop Vac!?

    I have to buy a vacuum cleaner for my garage because my old one is broken. It should not cost too much, because actually no vacuum cleaner was additionally planned. I think 200$ would be ok.
    Do you have some ideas for me?

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    We have a Craftsman wet/dry vacuum (you can find more information here for our balcony and the garage. It's quite impressive how much more power and flexibility you get with such a device. Especially after the winter, the cleaning of the terrace is hardly possible but with this cleaner, it goes easy, therefore, it makes sense to purchase a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Above all, you can also pre-clean with water and then simply soak up the remaining dirt. That's pretty handy
    Sure, they cost a bit more than regular vacuum cleaners, but for us, the investment was definitely worth it.
    Whether you are a contractor or an amateur woodworker, you can easily use one of the best shop vacs from our reviews to clean up all kinds of messes.
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      Try some of the bunnings ones. They are cheap and can take them back if they break down. Quality is ok but nothing special.


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        ^ Definitely try bunnings as they always have something within the budget. Definitely agree that quality can be an issue sometimes however.


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          After searching this and other forums and going down to Lowes, Orchard Supply and Home Depot, I bought the following from Home Depot;

          Rigid wd40700 4 gal 5hp wet dry vac
          Rigid car cleaning kit (quality 10ft 1.25" flex hose not stiff like 2" hose)
          2 Rigid dust bags (blowing out dry canister filter did not look like fun)
          Shopvac foam sleeve(blowing out wet canister filter did not look like fun)

          I cut the foam sleeve, wrapped it around the wet dry canister filter and held it in place with 2 rubber bands.

          I am very happy with my purchase, plenty of power, easy to clean the car and I can pick up the vac and take it upstairs as it is small and light.
          The build quality of the Rigid appeared to me to be of higher quality than shopvac or craftsman. You seem to get a lot more for your money with the equivalent size craftsman but the craftsman demo unit lid seemed very difficult to close and the hose was not same quality as the rigid.