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  • Deciding on next car - advice

    Hey guys. Ive been away from this forum for a while and thought Id pop in again. I still have my silhouette F6 (rspec) which, after 10 years of owning, I modified last year. Its now running a mild tune @550rwhp (410rwkw). Shes got 59k on the clock and every time I get into it I love it like the first day I drove it.

    While I have no intentions to sell it I am researching my next car to add to my garage, and this is where Im after some advice or input. 3 cars Im considering are:

    1. 1999 Mazda RX7 RSR (only 1 in Australia that Im aware of). Approx 80k on the clock from a friend who bought it as a yellow import which was brought into the country in 2002 by its original owner. He will sell it to me for 20k. Paint is in bad condition but the car (engine, interior, etc) is in good condition. Id probably spend 20-40k to modernise the car.

    2. A late model 1970s early model 1980s Porsche 911. Budget will be approx. 60-100k.

    3. A Ford Falcon XA-XC Coupe. Budget will be either 70-80k for a reasonably restored one or 50-60k for one that needs ~20-30k work.

    When I discussed with my wife she made a good point that option 1and 2 similar kinds of cars where option 3 is similar to my F6, so we suggested either option 1or 2.

    i like each of the cars for different reasons. Id love a big block V8 but Id also like the Porsche as its something I think Id really fall in love with. On the other hand I think the RX7 is a really good buy. Id love to hear any comments you guys have.
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