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Any chance of stocking some Penrite detailing products?

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  • Any chance of stocking some Penrite detailing products?

    Hi Joel,

    Just wondering if it's a possibly to stock some Penrite detailing products?

    Specifically their wheel cleaner and spray detailer.

    As far as I am aware they are relabeled Sonax products and both of the Sonax products have really good reviews.

    My local Repco only stocked the wheel cleaner once when it was in the catalogue on sale and any other time they say they can't order one and if I'd have to order a box of them if I wanted them to get any for me.

    And after traveling about a 160km round trip to my closest Autobarn a long time ago when I read via this forum that Autobarn stock it, it turns out that they don't stock it here and said it's up to the individual franchiser what product lines they stock so not all stores will have the same products.

    No big deal if you can't, I just thought it's worth asking to see if you're interested in or not too.


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    Hi Max. Iíll look into it and see whatís available. Iíve heard about the wheel cleaner also.
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