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Chevy Camaro SS - Opti-Coat Pro+ - TNCC

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    Thanks so much for your compliments guys, always makes the job that little bit more satisfying

    Originally posted by LIBERTYRX1 View Post
    mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gotta be happy with that. Thats a beast. Top job. Is that solid black?
    Thanks mate, Yep Solid black.

    Originally posted by mobil_hrt01 View Post
    Very noice,

    Did happen to get taken for a spin ? would have been awesome no doubt.
    Thanks mate, didn't take it for a spin unfortunately

    Originally posted by kaanage View Post
    From charcoal to just coal! Definitely "Top Notch" work, there

    What did you use for the correction (machines/pads/compounds)?
    Haha thanks mate, zentool12 and LHR15E. S3, S20, S40. Orange & Red LC HD Orbital pad, 3" scholl orange pad, 3" zentool cutting & finishing pad and scholl universal blue pad. Lots of different combinations. (trying different combinations plus a few panels had been resprayed and were reacting differently)

    Originally posted by Morrie_Waxit View Post
    Nice work, great photography!
    Thanks Morrie, The Galaxy S6 goes alright haha. Might get a fancy camera at EOFY but for now i'm happy with the shots.

    Originally posted by angelo View Post
    That is fantastic, had one in our workshop recently getting some work done. They go good too
    Thanks Angelo, they do go good! This one was packing 560hp.
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