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    The Subaru Impreza was dropped of at 8.30am and wanted it back by 12.30...

    So the pressure was on to give the suby a quick correction in 4 hours..

    I started by using Meg 205 with black pad on the festool, but still not removing enough scratches. Then tried Optimum Polish II on black pad, getting better results but very sticky. I then mixed both the Meg 205 / Optimum Polish II and got the results I was looking for.

    After that process gave the suby a once over with Optimum GPS on black pad.

    Gave it a coat of Prima Amigo and finished at 12.15... the things we do for the love of it..


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    Nice work, thats good correction for such a light pad and polish combo
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      awesome work on the subbie black, and all in good time to. makes me glad i have a white one
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        Great job, I know how you feel with the paint being a arse!

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          Nice work Kim. Especially considering the compressed timeframe

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            Excellent work! Not easy to get that paint right.

            I used GPS for the first time yesterday, really liked it!
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              Wow ...what a result ....

              would take me that long to wash it and wax it....

              forget about paint corrections and dressing it ....

              You must have been flying ....
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                Excellent results. Owners of it must have no idea what a proper detail consists of if they only allowed 4 hours. Nevertheless great work.


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                  Originally posted by Detail Evolution View Post
                  The Subaru Impreza was dropped of at 8.30am and wanted it back by 12.30...
                  Pfft, I would have told him he's dreaming.

                  Top work mate but it must pain you to not have the time to fully caress the panels. Foreplay only sucks. (sometimes)


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                    Great work especially in the time frame given.


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                      Yeah I missed this post initially but wow, short time frame, amazing results.

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                        Looking great. I really struggled with the black subaru I did recently, just too damn soft