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2017 Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS [Lava Orange]

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    Not bad boys
    Por que no los dos

    Originally posted by SMOKEY
    Cheers Dan - but I think you're half the problem - why can't my paint look like yours after I've finished it!?! Unobtainable perfection! Haha


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      Originally posted by Shogun117 View Post
      We had a different client order a Lava Orange GT3 RS and specifically instructed the dealer to hold-off on peeling the film. When he arrived for the unwrapping, he found even worse damage underneath. Maybe some other people can chime in here. Perhaps it's only on the Orange ones?
      QC gone on holidays in Stuttgart I reckon. lol
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        Originally posted by libertyrx1 View Post
        qc gone on holidays in stuttgart i reckon. Lol
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