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2006 Mclaren Mercedes SLR - Million dollar supercar

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  • 2006 Mclaren Mercedes SLR - Million dollar supercar

    Take a toilet break and then settle in with your favourite beverage. This one's a BIG write up!

    They say you should never meet your heros for fear of being disappointed...... yeah not much chance of that.

    This was an import from the US and arrived here with only 3000 miles on the clock. It is one of those times where you're not sure if it is a car or art. A bit of both

    I'd say.

    Every panel is carbon fibre. The engine is a 5.4lt supercharged V8 developing over 600hp and a whopping 780nm of torque. The brakes are carbon ceramic. Everything about this car is engineering nirvana. It is truly staggering in real life and something that I was honoured to be asked to detail.

    Fully functional side vents. Yes they get very warm!

    Quad side pipes. Two on each side

    Befores and afters. It is worth noting that these cars were hand painted, and painted thin as paint adds weight. You could see the carbon weave in the panel.

    Using an ultrasonic paint depth gauge I was able to build up a map of paint depths across the car and it's at that point you realise the scope of the task ahead. Paint depths across the car measured between 30 and 60 microns. Did I say they painted them thin? A measurement on the inside of the door jamb "B surface" came out at 85 microns. Being of carbon construction there was no electrostatic under-coating to worry about, so there were a few microns saved there, but overall there couldn't be more than 10 microns worth of clear coat in some places on the car. This million dollar car that I had been asked to paint correct. Please bear that in mind when going through these pictures. We say the test of a good detailer is knowing what can be taken out and knowing what has to stay in. This was about as extreme a test as there is likely to be.

    A two stage correction was performed, using 3D AAT Compound and followed by AAT Polish on the Rupes 21 with Orange and Black CCS pads respectively. I estimate approx 3 microns were removed overall. Opti-Coat Pro+ was used to help build back a micron or two of depth and provide a solid base of protection in the hope that any further correction in future would only necessitate removing the coating itself and not having to further erode what little clear coat remained.

    There was light uniform swirling across the car

    On the doors though there was some quite deep marring in areas

    The bonnet was half covered in paint protection film, which was removed a day or two earlier. Unfortunately there was a fair bit of damage and adhesive residue left behind

    More swirling. Deeper this time

    More adhesive residue which had to be carefully taken off with naphtha-based solvent prior to correction.

    Big chunks of adhesive residue from where film was removed from the sides of the car also. This really should have been removed by the person who removed the film in the first place. Not cool.

    Film outline and also swirling that was obviously pre-existing under the paint protection film

    More swirling. Some quite deep

    Film residue...again

    The Kamikaze Door Gate Stopper earning its keep. This has paid for itself several times over in convenience and brilliant engineering quality.

    A spray of old polish residue from a previous detail

    In the boot latch too

    Cleaned up with Kamikaze Silica Scale Remover

    More old polish residue

    Leigh Kelly, an automotive photographer mate of mine came by to take a few progress and final snaps. I will include some of his un-edited work at the end of the write up

    Using Silica Scale Remover in the badges to remove old polish residue

    In the panel gaps too

    And the vents

    Cleaning up under the gullwing doors. Note polish spatter inside the drainage holes also

    Engineering perfection

    That massive powerplant also got a wipedown

    Raw carbon on the underside of the bonnet. Even with the size of the bonnet itself it can easily be lifted one-handed

    Final Pics. After 30hrs of work over 2.5 days. Time to really stand back and admire this machine

    That F1 inspired nose

    A few of my outdoor pics

    Those massive carbon ceramic discs

    A quick location change

    And some professional photos taken by Leigh Kelly. These are un-edited. Straight off his camera. He will also be releasing a set himself after he's worked his post-production magic

    When I started Dan's Garage as a hobby business years ago I never envisaged I would turn it into a full time career, let alone get to work on something like this.

    It was gruelling.

    It was challenging.

    It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoyed it.

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    Beautiful work & beautiful car.
    Hope you got to take it for a spin.


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      OMFG......I just ....well.... I ..... that car is insane...and it looks pretty good your work and I can't see anything that you might have had to leave looks like the vision its designer had but the factory never quite delivered...nice one Dan and you do have the reputation to attract such awesome machinery into your studio of goodness. ..
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        Was a little apprehensive about correcting this paint given how low the readings were, but never doubted that it wasn't in safer hands

        Dan did an amazing job, it came up better than i thought it did

        Will be getting Dan to work his way through the rest of the collection in time - the man is booked well in advance
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          Nice car Sam...I was wondering if it might have come from your garage of goodness....
          "The bitterness of poor quality remains
          long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." -Benjamin Franklin

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            Oh my god I've always loved those things please tell me you convinced to let you take it for a hot lap in this thing
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              Absolutely stunning work by the master detailer!!

              Your ability to get that level of correction on a car with so little paint sets you ahead of everyone Dan.

              Just amazing!!
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                Amazing work on an amzing car!


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                  So much awesome and that would be super rewarding to be trusted with such a delicate machine. Good motivation for the retailers starting out and finding their niche.

                  Not every job will be a supercar, but run a good, honest customer focused business and manage your clients expectations well, and eventually in time the Hyundai:Mclaren ratio will swing in your favour!!

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                    Awesome job, it's a wonder you didn't get a bad case of the yips before touching it.

                    Absolutely stunning car, I can still hear the sound it makes, from when Clarkson drove one from London to Oslo.
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                      When I first looked at this write up I thought id love to detail this car..Then read the paint measurements and thought.. No way.. Id be too scared to! If there's one person to do this its you Dan and well done you pulled it off and then some..Stunning result mate!


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                        Nice car Sam. very nice, however Dan, you are now treading on very shaky ground. The forum rules clearly state "no porn". LOL

                        Thats just motoring heaven and art combined and effort is just second to absolutely none. Dalton who??
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                          Originally posted by LIBERTYRX1 View Post
                          Dalton who??
                          Last I saw, he was putting stickers on tubs of wax
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                            Stunning as usual amazing car when is the P1 coming lol. Assume this can't be registered legally yet?

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                              have to wait 25 years from date of manufacture before you can register it in Vic

                              Not a fan of the p1, or any of the modern hybrid stuff, have been buying up last of previous generation supercars as future collectibles
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