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Ford XB Coupe (Mad Max Interceptor) - Kamikaze Infinity Wax

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  • Ford XB Coupe (Mad Max Interceptor) - Kamikaze Infinity Wax

    Final Cover Pic

    Well this one needs very little introduction, but here goes

    This Mad Max Interceptor replica is one of the most faithful reproductions around. Its current owner has had it for about ten years now and it had had a full respray before he had bought it. The two tone matte vinyl and single stage solid gloss black had suffered a bit over the years and it was my pleasure to bring it back to its former glory and then add a layer of Kamikaze Infinity Wax

    Befores and afters. A two stage correction was performed over most of the car. Some areas like the tops of the front guards and the boot lid requiring three stages to get right. The single stage paint actually responded quite nicely and, due to its soft and workable nature, I was able to get quite a decent level of correction out of it. The matte vinyl got a very light machine just to knock off the age and oxidation a little and create some nice uniformity prior to the Infinity Wax coating

    The tops of the guards were amongst the most damaged areas. I was pleased with how they corrected up.

    The quad exhausts on each side (unfortunately they are only for show as the car has to be road legal) polished up. Again mainly knocking off oxidation

    The rear honeycomb was painstakingly brushed to remove dust and residue (this car, like many classics doesn't get washed in a traditional manner mainly due to concerns about rust. Instead it will from now on be carefully washed by a waterless method).

    Infinity Wax applied and curing

    Final Pics

    The supercharger, whilst not connected to the engine, still spins for show via an electric motor actuated by a pull switch connected to the shifter. This is the same method as the original movie car

    The light correction of the vinyl has given it a wonderful uniformity that previously wasn't there

    Outdoor pics. These really capture the now inky blackness of the paint and serve to show the great contrast now between the high gloss of the paint and the uniform matte vinyl portions

    Matte and gloss working wonderfully together

    The tyres were also carefully cleaned to remove a decade of tyre black which had actually turned them brown over time. The white lettering now stands out again as it once had in the past

    Matte and gloss contrast again

    Close up

    Overall approx 22hrs were spent

    Thanks for looking

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    Wow that is a rare machine.

    Great detail Dan.


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      Hubba hubba Dan. Thats just nuts. Brings back some memories of both the movie and my times cleaning and amouralling radial T/As as a kid

      What did you use on the lettering to clean it
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        Last of the V8s....

        Looks like it deserves to. Nice work, Dan.

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          Wicked stuff Dan!


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            That looks amazing Dan - what an iconic car
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              Thanks fellas

              Nick, good old 3D Magic Blue to tge rescue. I used a brush to get between the letters etc also

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                Love these beasts . I actually saw one in Kyoto in Japan last year driving down the road . Supercharged V8 , sounded awesome . Little Japanese bloke driving it .


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                  Awesome gotta love the classics kept in this condition
                  Great job Dan


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                    "Perfection is lots of little things done well." Fernand Point