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Rupes LHR 21E Big Foot VS Flex XC 3401 VRG

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    I need a Flex for my hard Euro paint lol

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    Yeah I'm a Volvo driver.


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      Originally posted by tinsnips View Post
      *sigh* I want a 15
      I'm sure it won't be long until someone brings out a copy machine.

      On another note, I think this debate is a bit like the old Ford v Holden debate. Each polisher has their advantages and disadvantages so each to their own.


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        Most of us have no issues here with the LHR15, and in fact as many of you know we sold the flex that was unused for over 1.5+ years! (at a guesstimate)

        I guess each to their own, but always remember the machine isn't the solution its the combination of the correct pad & polish and of course technique and user for many machines out there.

        No doubt the RUPES is great, and so is the FLEX, but for those who know how to use a Rotary Machine can also achieve really good results (hologram free), and use that as the 'hard' or 'initial' if you want to call it before finishing with a DA - example of course. We all have our own ways.

        But who knows, CCP might even release a 15....


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          I've been looking forward to it CCP, since I found the MaxShine DA brochure that said 'Contact Us for 15mm and 21mm orbit BigFoot versions'
          If it beads...

          we can clean it.


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            No one ever said there was an issue with the 15. It's the difference between the forced rotation versus free spindle which sometimes makes the machine the solution keeping skills, pads and polish selection the constant variables.

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              Originally posted by CarCareProducts View Post
              But who knows, CCP might even release a 15....
              Look at that cat run out of the bag...
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