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Testing 10 Waxes on one car. Which is the best?

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  • Testing 10 Waxes on one car. Which is the best?

    Hi guys, New thread for this test.

    I am looking for the Wax that gives the best possible shine. Not too worried about durability - just want the best look.

    Today we applied the second coat of ten different waxes to our Red VE Commodore.

    The idea was to cut through all of the marketing hype, and see for ourselves. The only way to do this was to buy as many waxes as our budget would allow and try them out on a few different cars.

    This is the first car to get the treatment. A different wax was applied to each panel of the car. A new foam applicator was used for each wax and then put into a labelled and sealed bag to ensure no contamination between waxes. A clean fresh Microfibre cloth was used for each panel.
    The preparations for the second coat of waxes today -

    Here are the details and photos of each panel -
    1) Autoglym Hi Definition Paste Wax. Cost $100. This was very easy to apply and buff off. Gave the panel a very glossy, bright shine

    2) Pinnacle Souveran. Cost $120. Extremely easy to apply and buff off. Resulted in a Deep, Wet Shine. Top Class Wax.

    3) Poor Boy`s Natty`s Red Paste Wax. Cost $30. This was easy to apply - but not so easy to buff off. Does leave a nice shine.

    4) Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax. Cost $235 - although we bought ours from Autogeek during a special offer of 2 for $100 USD.
    This was a very, very easy wax to apply and buff off. After we applied the second coat today it came up looking fantastic. Worth the money.

    Will continue in next post.


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    The back of the car received 4 different waxes. 5) Boot LHS - Victoria Concours Wax.Cost $74. This was applied by hand and was easy and fun to apply.Equally easy to buff off and results in a deep, wet shine. Very desirable wax.

    6) Boot RHS - Chem Guys Butter Wet Wax. Cost $20.This is a liquid wax. If you are careful with the dispenser you can get a nice thin application. Like the other cheaper waxes it is not terribly easy to buff off, although it does leave a nice deep shine.

    7) Rear bumper LHS - Meguiars Hi Tech Yellow paste wax. Cost $36. Easy to apply but needs to be buffed off before it hazes too much. Leaves a light, bright shine.

    8) Rear bumper RHS - Swissvax Scuderia. Cost $189. Easy to apply and very easy to buff off. Takes about an hour to shine. When it does shine up the result is a deep, wet shine.
    See if you can see a difference between waxes in this photo -

    9) The Right rear quarter received P21S Concours Carnauba wax.Cost $64 It was the shiniest when we applied the first coat and remains the shiniest after the second coat -

    10) We wanted to give Wolfgang Fuzion a second go on the back drivers side door. With the first coat on the quarter panel it was shiny - but not as much as we expected. The second coat made all the difference. Fantastic!

    11) Chem Guys Pete`s53. Cost $50. Easy to apply and buff off. Second coat gave a serviceable shine - but nothing to rave about IMO

    12) The Right front guard received Natty`s Red - simply to see if it would be easier to buff off if we did it sooner than the first attempt on the left rear door. It was. Shine is light and bright without being spectacular.

    13) The bonnet received a second attempt with Swissvax Scuderia on the drivers side and Pinnacle Souveran on the passenger side. Although it has a deepish wet shine it is not stunning - but then - neither is the paint on the bonnet of this car.

    At the moment the only conclusions that we can make is that the cheaper waxes are harder to buff off - but still shine up very well. Also if the paint has been prepared well with a machine polish as this car was - then there is not a big difference between appearances with the waxes.

    My current favourites are Pinnacle Souveran, Victoria Concours, Wolfgang Fuzion and P21S. Will they all have similar shines in a week or two? Thread will be updated regularly.

    In the meantime, I should finish the 5 stage polish on the BA Fairmont Ghia this weekend and will repeat the test on it.

    After reflecting on the current test - i am NOT going to machine polish the Statesman.Want to see what the different waxes look like on a car without good preparation.

    More photos here



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      Will be looking forward to reading more on this test. This is something I have always wanted to do, but never got around to it.

      And I can never leave one thing on long enough to test full durability :lol:
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        Great test mate!

        look forward to seeing which wax holds up the shine longer.
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          Great test mate!

          look forward to seeing which wax holds up the shine longer.
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            Great review Rodney,

            Looking forward to seeing the durability and gloss results down the track ! :wink:

            Regards Mario


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              You should do one door in a wax and one door in a sealant! that would be see just how much difference there in to the eye....
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                Hey Rocket, it's been a week, any updates on how the waxes are holding up?
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                  Hi guys, just been out in the garage applying the first coats of waxes to the BA Ghia. Yesterday i finally completed a 5 stage polish on it, then applied 2 coats of Jetseal109. Do not have much time this week so will apply the waxes over the next couple of nights. It is raining ( hooray ) in Adelaide so i cannot take the car to work to do it.

                  The waxes on the Commodore are holding the shine very well after about 10 days. The standout shine is still the P21S, followed closely by Pinnacle Souveran and Wolfgang Fuzion. Might leave the Commodore out in the rain tomorrow and take some photos of the beading.

                  Glenn - I will definately apply just the Jetseal109 to one of the doors on the Statesman when it is waxed next week.

                  Just now as the waxes were being applied to the Ghia, i was amazed at how easy DP Max Wax was to apply and wipe off. Anybody use this? The lighting in the garage is not good - but the shine it left looked pretty bloody good! This is a cheaper wax. From memory it only cost about $40.

                  Also found a bit of respect for Swissvax Scuderia - also a breeze to apply and wipeoff. This was after i struggled with removing Collinite 915 and Auto Glym Hi Definition Paste Wax. Maybe the high humidity had a bit to do with the difficult removal.

                  More info and photos over the next couple of days.



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                    So you would rate Wolfgang Fuzion in the top 5?
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                      sam_boss, yes - Wolfgang Fuzion is certainly one of the best. Very easy to apply and remove - with a great shine.

                      My other favourites at this stage are - P21S, Victoria Concours, Swissvax Scuderia, Pinnacle Souveran, DP Max Wax. There are a few others that i have not formed an opinion about yet.

                      Joel from ZAS was kind enough to send a sample pot of DoDoSupernatural ( Thanks Joel ) which i will try tomorrow. Tonight we tried P21S 100% Carnauba Wax for the first time. Impressive, but need to see it in daylight.

                      Also like the shine from Chem Guys Butter Wet Wax and will try their 50/50 wax tomorrow.

                      Do not want to draw too many conclusions just yet. Long way to go.



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                        Can't wait to see your review on the unprepared statesman! especially when it comes to the useability.
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                          Originally posted by rocket67

                          6) Boot RHS - Chem Guys Butter Wet Wax. Cost $20.This is a liquid wax. If you are careful with the dispenser you can get a nice thin application. Like the other cheaper waxes it is not terribly easy to buff off, although it does leave a nice deep shine.

                          Chemical Guys BWW can be a pain to remove if applied too thickly as you said. It's really at it's best if it's applied with a blue or red finessing pad by machine. That way you get a nice thin coat otherwise a light misting with QD with help remove those stubborn patches.
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                            With the Colli 915 it needs to be applied Very very very thin a tin of this last for a looong time


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                              Jamie, Tonight i applied Butter Wet Wax to a door on the Ghia. Spread it as thinly as possible with a foam applicator, and buffed it off with a Microfibre as soon as it started hazing. This time it was very easy to buff off.

                              I understand what you mean about using the machine to apply it, but in my case it would be too time consuming. My aim is to find the wax that is quick and easy to apply and remove and also gives a great shine. The purpose for us is to give the Mustangs a quick wax before heading off to car shows. Thanks for your advice.

                              R31Heaven, At 6.30 this morning i was cursing all hell at Collinite915! Had risen early to try and wax as many panels as possible before heading off to work. Applied it as thinly as i could, then waited half an hour for it to dry. The bloody stuff was extremely difficult to buff off. Was about to throw the tin to the sh1thouse - but then i saw that beautiful deep shine and decided it may be worth keeping. But if i cannot find a way to buff it off easily - i may give it to my mother in law for a xmas present. Ha! :evil: