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Attaching Images to Threads

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  • Attaching Images to Threads

    Re-printed courtesy of OzMPS Forums

    THE most common question asked by a forum beginner is "How do I post a picture in a thread?" (Yes I asked it myself)

    The forum allows you to attach images, but only pictures small in file size and that can be annoying. The best way to post an image is to host it on an "image hosting website" and then link that image to your post.
    There are many websites out there that will host your images for you for free, so choose whatever one you like to get started!

    Here is a list of some free image hosting websites;
    (I will show how to post pictures uploaded to the mentioned websites into your post)

    imgur: the simple image sharer
    Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing
    Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing
    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

    Note: You can also link your pictures from Facebook to your post if you like to upload your pictures to there.
    Note2: There is a forum app for Android and Apple phones through which images can be posted too

    Sign up to your image hosting website, and then upload the image/s you want to put in your post.


    Firstly select the image you want, then;

    then paste the link into your post and you're done! The way that Imgur sets up it's links is so that the image code is already attached to the location of the link making it easy as!


    Photobucket sets up its links in a similar way to Imgur so select your image;

    and then paste the link into your post. Photobucket is nice because when you click on the link it automatically copies it
    Note: Photobucket has an app for Android (I'm not sure about iOS) and you can upload images through this app, then copy the image tag and paste into your post from your phone


    Flickr is a LITTLE different, select your image;

    and then your image will appear.


    Select your image


    To upload an image from facebook, copy the image URL


    Lastly there is another way to insert an image into your post and it is with the Tapatalk app. It is available for Android and Apple devices.
    It is not a free app, however only costs a few dollars.
    It's a great app, allowing you to sign into many forums and gives you alerts on the go
    You can see how i'm logged into 4 forums and have elected to receive notifications for various things from each forum.

    Open your post, and you will see the screen shot on the left with tapatalk 2, middle with tapatalk 4 (on an android phone) or on the right a shot from an iPhone

    It will then ask you how you want to host it, select "Tapatalk Hosted". (or select "Upload to Tapatalk" as seen on the iPhone)
    This uploads the image to the tapatalk server and links it automatically from there. Thats why I think this is the easiest way to do things.

    In short:

    When you click the "Insert Image" icon and paste the URL, all this does is add the tags [IMG ] ... [ /IMG] around the link you posted. So in other words, you can just copy the direct link of the image into your post and write [IMG ] before the link and [ /IMG] after the link (without the spaces in the tag) and you're done.

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  • #2 is also good when you can't dont need to log in.


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      Photobucket also good and easy to use - just click on the image link and it copies for you. Then just paste into your post.
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        Thank you for explaining that better than anyone one else I came across lol. Forum explanations are my go to now instead of generic articles when it comes to this stuff. We're doing everything we can to improve our site, so even stuff like this helps us out a lot
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